A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Hey fellas! 

“Start from nothing” in Pandorama means that you must keep playing the game to find the crates that unlock:

- Notifications, Sfx, UI, Weapons, Environment, Obstacles, Music, ...

Collect the crates without dying to discover all the game features!


WASD or Left Joystick to move the character
Mouse or Right Joystick to aim
Left click or RB  to shoot 
E or Y  to interact
-  Pause with ESC or Start


CrazyHomeboys_Pandorama_LDJAM45.zip 38 MB
MAC-CrazyHomeboys_Pandorama_LDJAM45.app.zip 40 MB


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Super cool art and gamefeel! But i was  lost in the whole game >_<

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Thank you so much! You must find the crates to unlock all the game features. I'm gonna copy the LD45 profile here on itch.io :D